Whose gloves ?
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Whose gloves ?



  He’s such a zero .   他这人一无所长。

  You’re one in a million ! 你可是万里挑一的呀!

  That girl is beautiful . she’s a real ten .  那很漂亮, 简直可以打满分!


有关Time 的一些知识


——询问时间除用What’s the time?以外,还有另一种表达法What time is it ?


1)直接读写数词,如常1030 ten thirty (本单元所学)

2)借助pastto来表达:分钟小于30的用past,分钟大于30的用to, 一刻、三刻用a quarter,半小时用half past :

4:28    twenty-eight minutes past four

9:30    half past nine

8:15    a quarter past eight

6:45    a quarter to seven

2:58    two minutes to three


A  Number Song     数字歌

Zero, one two three four five six seven ,     , 一二三四五六七,

Eight nine ten . begin again .              八九十.再来一遍.

Zero, one two three four five six seven ,     , 一二三四五六七,

Eight nine ten . That’s the end !            八九十.结束.

Do  my  best

I try to do my best each day ,

In my work and in my play .

And if I always do my best .

I needn’t worry about a test .


Tick ,Tock


Tick ,Tock ,

Goes the clock .

Telling the time ,

All by itself ,

Round and round ,

The two hands go ,

The big one quickly ,

The little one slowly .


Whose mobile is this ?


Whose mobile is this ?

It’s my father’s .

It’s green , it looks beautiful .

Whose scarf is that ?

It’s my mother’s .

It’s yellow , it looks nice  .

Whose glasses are these ?

They are my grandmother’s .

They are on the table .


mobile  手机             beautiful   漂亮的

glasses     眼镜



I am my father

One day little Lisa didn’t want to go to school and telephoned the teacher pretending to be her father and said , “ Hello . Is that the teacher speaking ? My little Lisa caught cold today and she can’t  go to school . She speak me to telephone you for a day’s leave .”

The teacher at the other end of the telephone asked , “Who is that speaking ?”

“It’s my father , sir,” Answered Lisa .





Never do things by halves .     做事不可半途而废.


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